So who am I?

I ask myself this daily! Here’s me:

I’m Kelly, a 30 something mother to 4 awesome small people : Destruction-11, Death – 7, and the 1 year old twins Diva and Drama.

I am a qualified teacher, who has just resigned from the job to stay at home and be Mummy. I love being a teacher and I love being a Mummy. For now Mummy wins the battle in an education system designed to vilify the teacher.

I am also a single Mummy. This is only a recent development and only after I had decided to resign! So this blog will also document how well that goes.

I battle with depression, anxiety and being overweight on a daily basis, as well as the grief of losing my sister to the evil C word in 2007.

I’ve loved, lost and am now living for the moment, every moment I intend to share here so strap in and enjoy the ride!