Team Awesome 

Let’s raise children that don’t have to recover from their childhoods”

Pam Leo

I never dreamed that I would bring my children up alone. I’ve spent many nights feeling guilty and ashamed that I could not give them the basic fundamental element of a nuclear family. 

To my children. I love you. Despite everything you are taught by the media and education, there is NOTHING wrong with our family. In fact, I think our family is awesome. Yes, we have to work that little bit harder because there’s only one adult in the house (and if we are honest that adult is a little bit nuts) but we make it work. We laugh, we dance around the kitchen like idiots and we have ‘our’ songs. No, we don’t do things as a team that includes your mother and father anymore, instead our team is the five of us – stronger and happier than we have ever been. Team Awesome.

Mummy and Daddy  were not happy in their marriage. However hard that has been to accept, they weren’t.  Now, Mummy smiles more, laughs at stupid things and has time. Mummy doesn’t  watch other’s phones or wonder where people are. She surrounds herself with positive people who love and support you guys as much as she does. 

Sometimes Mummy gets it wrong. Sometimes she gets tired and cranky. Sometimes Mummy shouts and cries. But, in all those times she loves you more than she ever has, and is just sad that she can’t find the inner strength that day. Mummy knows she is strong and enough, that you are loved, fed and growing. She is determined that, regardless of what you see now, you will grow up wanting to find love, wanting to marry and wanting to have children who are as amazing as you all are. 

When the chips are down you always step up. B & L, you are sometimes stronger than Mummy ever thought possible at your ages and for that she will forever be grateful and proud. Mummy will find a boyfriend one day as you keep mentioning, but that man has to pass your scrutiny and realise that this team he is entering into, is a winning team, so if he can’t keep up with that pace he’s gone. 

Don’t ever let anyone pull you down because you live with your Mummy. Just because some have their parents together, does not mean they are more loved or have more time. Your parents are doing what is best for them and, in turn, what is best for you – happiness all round. 

Thank you for being the best four minions any Mummy could wish for. Hopefully, I will always be the best Mummy you could wish for too x 


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