To Blog…..or not To Blog

Airing one’s dirty laundry in public will not lessen the stains. It simply draws more attention to them. But, hey, at least you are brazen about those goddam stains!’ ~ Kelly Roscoe 2016 

It’s almost 4am and I’m awake. I’ve been contemplating the wording of this blog post and the next I intend to write for hours. 

When I began my blog a few days ago, I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it. I didn’t know how I wanted it to sound or how I wanted to come across. One thing I wanted was it to be cathartic, to give me a sense of relief when I saw the words in black and white on the screen. However, what I didn’t want was to expose other’s lives when they didn’t want that and this has caused me great turmoil with my choices of blog.

I want to write about everything, my life, experiences and feelings. In doing that I would have to expose some home truths about myself and others around me. Home truths do not always sit well with those not ready to hear them. So being the dutiful human being I have resisted putting anything in my blog that could hurt or upset those closest to me.

However, for some of those closest to me that attitude has shifted and 1st August 2016 has seen me realise that I should only protect those who need protecting. Please do not assume that this means I will be going on rants with name calling and backstabbing, that really isn’t my style (in public!) but I will be writing whatever I feel is necessary to ‘let it go’ (to quote that famous actress) It may be a bit squeezy bum cringe at times, but please know that it helps ME to write it down and it’s about time I started helping ME a little bit more! 

So I will wear my stains brazenly and unashamedly, because without those stains we haven’t lived, and without hanging those stained pieces proudly on the line, no-one will ever know what we have lived, and what we are now surviving. 


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