Three Is A Crowd 

I’ve only ever really been part of a vicious rumour once. At the time I was mortified that people would think that I was capable of said rumour, some people even unfriended me on social media on the basis of the rumour, but I look back now and take it as a compliment- at the time I was a 30 odd yr old mother of 2 and said rumour guy was considerably younger – yay rumour me!!!!!!

However, I now find myself in the middle of small town gossip. I knew it was coming, I just didn’t realise I’d be used as the main pawn in spreading said gossip! I allowed myself to be sucked into what I was being told about my own life and ex husband – and now I’m left wondering why anyone is that interested in our life that they went to these lengths to tell fibs? No one batted an eyelid or showed the remotest bit of interest when we were together. Now we are apart it seems people forget we are battling to ensure four young children have the best life possible with divided parents and key to that is having parents who can communicate positively. 

I’m a lucky girl. I have an ex husband who  still loves me as the mother of his children and we communicate positively on a daily basis. We know that the children are all that matters and all the rest of it is utter bollocks. I feel sad that some people require the interference in others’ lives to affirm their own existence. 

If ever you have the opportunity to partake in idle gossip then take a step back, count to ten and think about what impact this gossip may have on its subject and what impact it will have on your life – will it make you feel good about your own life? If the answer is yes then don’t take part, instead reassess your own life and figure out what is missing. If the answer is no it won’t make you feel good then don’t partake – not only will you feel shit but the subject of that gossip will definitely feel shit when they find out. 

Never get involved in things you know nothing about – it will bite you in the ass one day. It’s time to rediscover what it means to be supportive and friendly. 


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